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National Benefit Services


Our Promise


You will Experience Excellence through.

  • Trust We earn your trust by the integrity of our actions, systems, and processes.
  • Innovation Our employees drive innovation which creates exceptional value for you.
  • Service Your service experience is complete, accurate and timely.
  • Partnership Our partnership provides you with peace of mind.


Our Vision


We are building a distinguished business enterprise on a foundation of integrity.


Our Mission


To deliver the benefits to benefit plans flawlessly and profitably.


Our Role


As the Third-Party Administrator for the FBC, our role is to ensure the 403(b), 457(b), 401(a), FICA Alternative Retirement Plans operate within the IRS Guidelines. We are responsible for the following:

  • Review and approve participant transactions.
  • Perform required contribution limit testing.
  • Maintain and amend plan documents.
  • Create and maintain plan forms.
  • Enforce district non-solicitation policies.
  • Assist participants with plan related questions and transactions.
  • Uphold the agreements with the approved vendors within the FBC.
  • Maintain a secure environment for sensitive/personal information.


Contribution Limit Testing


At the end of each month, we generate contribution reports to ensure high contributors among the plans do not exceed IRS contribution limits. We provide a copy of the report to each District so we can collaborate to ensure the appropriate actions are taken. NBS may direct the District to cancel contributions to maintain contributions within the IRS limits, thus ensuring the plans retain their favorable tax status. nbsp;


Plan Forms


NBS is responsible for maintaining forms for the FBC such as; SRA痴, MCW痴, and Transactional forms. We update these forms each time the IRS releases updates which pertain to the plans. These forms are available by clicking on this link.  


Participant Assistance


NBS has a team of highly trained individuals who provide step by step assistance to all plan participants. Our team, also known as Benefits Specialist, are available by calling
800-274-0503 extension 504 or by emailing We encourage participants to contact the Benefit Specialist Team with any questions they may have when accessing or transferring funds. 




At NBS, we maintain virtual copies of all transactions for FBC participants. Each transactional request requires third-party approval to ensure it is eligible before completion by the Investment Provider. Our Benefits Team works with member Districts to verify dates of birth and employment along with job status changes. The Team also confirms eligible loan amounts and substantiation for hardship distributions as well as unforeseen emergencies.

Participants may submit transaction requests in the following methods:

  • Fax: 800-597-8206
  • Email:
    • Please only utilize if you have secure methods of remitting email
  • Mail:
    • National Benefit Services
      8523 S Redwood Rd
      West Jordan UT 84088
Once we receive the documentation, our processing time frame is 3-5 business days. After review of the request, if the transaction is 妬n good order the completed paperwork is forwarded on to the vendor, with copies sent as directed on the transaction form. If the transaction is 渡ot in good order a letter is mailed to the participant indicating why the request was not able to be approved and steps to bring the transaction in good order, if available.  


Maintaining a Secure Environment


For ten years, NBS has successfully completed a SOC 1 Audit. Since 2017, we decided to take it a step further and began subjecting ourselves to SOC 2 Audits. These intense audits demonstrate the organizations ability to effectively put internal controls, policies & procedures in place which protect client痴 sensitive data. NBS痴 commitment to our clients is to serve as a dependable, transparent and secure TPA. Here is a snapshot of the details, and if you would like more information regarding the audits please refer to this link on 



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