Investment Company

These insurance carriers and investment companies have been authorized by the DOE to receive TSA contributions. The company name and code should be used on the Salary Reduction Agreement to initiate or make changes to Program participation. In order to establish an account with an investment company you must contact the investment company directly or work with your financial advisor. You should carefully evaluate investment companies and select one that best fits your needs.

Insurance carriers and investment companies identified as Authorized are exchange eligible because they have entered into an Information Sharing Agreement with the DOE's third party administrator (National Benefit Services, LLC) in accordance with the IRS' new 403(b) regulations and are eligible to receive or exchanges (formerly known as 90-24 Transfers).

Dismissed 403(b) Investment Providers
Plan Code Provider Name
922 All American Life Insurance (American General)
919 American National Insurance Company
929 Anchor National Life Insurance Co. (AIG Sun America)
962 Aviva Life Insurance Co.
909 Conseco Annuity Assurance Co.
938 Conseco Annuity Assurance Co.
958 Conseco Life Insurance Co.
939 Guardian Insurance & Annuity Co.
832 Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America
936 Integrity Life Insurance Co.
913 Jackson National Life Insurance Co.
914 Jackson National Life Insurance Co.
835 John Hancock Signature Services, Inc.
937 Lincoln Benefit Life Co.
943 National Health Insurance Co. (GALIC)
902 Nationwide Life Insurance Co.
864 Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.
838 Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Co.
887 Philadelphia Life Insurance Co. (Conseco Insurance Co.)
881 State Farm Life Insurance Co.
833 Transamerica Life & Annuity Co.
950 Transamerica Life Insurance Co.
865 Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Co.
893 Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio
957 Wisconsin National Life Insurance Co.