Introducing NBS’s New Identity Protection Program for Employees

NBS has always been well known for offering services that have a positive impact on the lives and benefits we support. Keeping in that same tradition, we’re excited to announce that NBS is adding identity protection to our portfolio of benefits.

There has never been a time where identity protection is more relevant. In 2016, 15.4 million Americans were victims of identity theft, a figure that’s continued to rise over the past 5 years. Those affected, often face significant financial and emotional stress trying to resolve the issue: contacting financial institutions, requesting new identification, dealing with law enforcement, and working with credit bureaus to manage credit profiles. The time involved can vary based on the severity of the fraud, but a recent report by the Identity Theft Resource Center stated that a sizeable majority spent more than 60 hours trying to untangle the mess.

What’s the Business Case for Brokers?

This is where an employee’s personal problem can become a personnel problem –  and exactly why we think identity protection is the service to be offering right now. Employers are turning to identity theft protection as a valuable compliment to their benefits portfolio: not only does it demonstrate an interest in employees’ wellbeing, an identity protection program is an essential tool in minimizing risk of corporate data breach by catching compromised credentials early.

As incidences of identity theft escalate, so does the demand for protection – becoming a $3 billion industry last year, a figure that’s expected to rise by 17% over the foreseeable future. Don’t you want to capture a bit of that growing pie?

Did we mention that it’s one of the easiest benefits you’ll ever deal with? Set-up and administration is minimal and the enrollment process is a breeze for employees. We’ll also provide you with a toolkit of marketing and educational materials that you can pass to plan sponsors to boost enrollment and drive engagement.

Why Choose NBS’s Identity Protection Program?

We’ve curated a set of features based on long-term consumer research that balances marketplace demand with a price that is affordable for everyone. While other identity protection providers supply a laundry list of services that are free to them but drive up cost to the end user, we’ve curated a generous suite that delivers impact that matters: educational resources to reduce identity theft risk, best-in-class identity data and credit profile monitoring to catch fraud early, and award-winning, US-based resolution specialists to quickly solve any problem that may arise.

NBS’s identity protection program is easily accessible through an online dashboard designed by user experience experts to provide a clear snapshot of the individual’s identity theft threat level, related suspicious activity alerts, credit profile.

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