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Resources for a Smooth Open Enrollment

It’s that time of year again – open enrollment at work. And, with the various options available, it’s understandable that selecting benefits can sometimes be daunting. If you have a Flexible Spending Account or FSA, it’s important to plan ahead for the year, and maximize the savings you can enjoy from these accounts.

A pre-tax FSA can be used for different medical expenses, whether it’s a visit to the doctor’s office, annual vision care or dental exams, or for healthcare products. Everyday items including contact lens solution or prescription eyeglasses, breast pumps and hot/cold therapy packs, are just a few of the covered products with an FSA. That’s where FSA Store comes in, where it’s easy to shop for thousands of products. FSA Store is the only e-commerce site exclusively stocked with FSA-eligible products.

In addition to products, FSA Store offers valuable resources to help anyone better manage an FSA. Through an FSA Calculator, consumers can estimate yearly healthcare savings. Through an Eligibility List, it’s easy to search and sort through covered expenses including medical services and products. Through an FSA Learning Center, popular questions are answered to help people better understand an FSA.